Monday, August 1, 2016

Inspired by "The Cheat" by Chris Delyani, author of You Are Here


Inside the Book:
You Are Here
Title: You Are Here 
Author: Chris Delyani 
Publisher: iUniverse 
Genre: Romance 
Format: Ebook/Paperback

All Peter Bankston ever wanted to do was paint.

An aspiring painter, Peter scratches out a pauper’s living in San Francisco, wanting nothing more than to be left alone. Instead, he finds himself getting involved with not one but two very different men.

Like Peter, getting involved with another man is the last thing on Nick Katsaris’s mind. Smart, handsome, and good-humored, Nick’s done more than just survive—he’s positively thriving in San Francisco. But when he meets Peter, what begins as fun and games quickly turns into a game he can’t control.

Miles Bettencourt’s days are filled with longing. For him, San Francisco is haunted by Stuart, his missing ex-lover. Desperate to win him back, Miles wanders the streets in the hope of running into Stuart again. Instead, he runs into Peter—the one man who might hold the key to what Miles is looking for.

These three gay men soon form one very unlikely love triangle. Sometimes, when people break apart and then come together, they learn that discovering that where you are is the key to knowing who you are.  

Inspired by “The Cheat”

                My inspiration to write about a painter came to me on a trip to the Louvre twenty years ago. I’d scraped enough money to go to Paris by myself for a week. With plenty of time to kill and no one to hold me back, I spent six glorious hours wandering through the museum’s galleries, marveling then (as I do now) how artists can conjure worlds and emotions with paint. It was there that Peter Bankston was born.

I couldn’t resist opening my novel with a sly reference to one of the paintings I discovered there on that June afternoon. “The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds,” Georges de La Tour’s 1635 masterpiece, shows a young man about to lose at cards to three other figures conspiring against him: a courtesan, a maid, and a well-groomed man—the cheat—reaching behind his back for one of the aces tucked in his belt. The painting’s air of gloom and suspicion had stayed with me long enough to parody it at the start of my novel You Are Here:

Peter Bankston stood on a stepladder at the chalkboard behind the cash registers, trying to drawn an elf. He’d come to work an hour early to create this Christmas drawing: a group of shady-looking elves playing poker with Santa Claus, with the elves in the background trading glances and the one in the foreground holding a Valerie’s Java Shop gift certificate behind his back.”

The novel traces Peter’s progress as he moves from this derivative chalkboard drawing to relying on his own sensibilities to create his own material, to stand on his own two feet. I hadn’t intended that storyline for Peter when I started You Are Here, but that’s how it turned out. It was the same lesson I’d learned for myself when writing You Are Here

Meet the Author:

In 1993, Chris Delyani moved to San Francisco from his native Boston to devote his life to writing fiction—and he’s been at it ever since. His first novel, The Love Thing, was published in 2009. He lives in Oakland, California.    


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